Artist Members

Artist Membership
“Artist Members” make up our diverse and active body of talented professional artists at the Oak Park Art League.  To reach this level of membership one must submit work to be reviewed and accepted by the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee juries in members twice a year in Fall and Spring. Artist Members receive the same benefits as other members as well as invitations to exhibit their work at Prairie Title, our satellite gallery, and to exhibit in small group or solo shows in the main gallery. Their work and bio is displayed for the public in the gallery and website linked from our website as a benefit of membership. To learn more about the Standards Committee and how to submit work for review please contact the gallery.  Annual dues $50./year

Current Artist Members at the Oak Park Art League:

Janice Anderson
Piotr Antonow
Catherine Amato
Tom Amato
Deborah Baldwin
Kinga Banas-Zadlo
Lee Barry
Carole Bergstraesser
Linda Beribak
Rhoda Bernstein
Amani Borah
John Brudek
Dan Burroughs
Henry Berry
Donna Caplin
Laurie Schirmer Carpenter
Anastasia Criscione
Sam Dammers
Robert Dicke
Blanche Dougal-Kane
Nancy Fong
Hillaurie Fritz
Lee Marie Gaimari
Simon Gallo
Kathleen Garness
Karen Gubitz
Robert Heezen
John Hewitt
Kathy Hirsh
Daniel Hoppe
Jesse Howard
Faith Humphrey-Hill
Mary Hunter
Timothy Johnson
Luellen Joy Giera
Nancy Klaud
Larry Kolden
Kathy Kucia
Kimberly Kurrus
Jewel Labbs
Jackie Lakely
Julia Loebel
Phil Malhiot
Roberta Malkin
Frank Marshall
Mary McCloskey
Jen McNulty
Werner Meier
Mike Milenkovic
Bryan Northup
Marcia Palazzolo
Tom Palazzolo
Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn
Deborah Peacock Stoklosa
Melanie Pennington
Ginny Pitre-Hay
Donna Pope
Robert Proce
Ann Primack
Sandra Reibscheid
Kenneth Reif
Carol Richardson O’Brien
Gina Lee Robbins
Gesualdo Romeo
Marlene Russum Scott
Cherie Salerno
John Schmelzer
Judith Shepelak
George Sinioris
Marion Sirefman
Stephen Smith
Cheryl Ann Spran
Joan Steinbach
Ted Strandt
Frances Sullivan
Janet Talbot
Keith Taylor
Dolores Tomaszewski
Cindy Trim
Dominic Vignola
Vashti Vornado
Audrey Warnimont Brown
George Wear
Bette Williams
Sallie Wolf
Judy Wray
Laura Young

*Please Note – If you were juried in as an Artist Member and you do not see your name on this page, your membership may have lapsed. Yearly dues are $50. for Artist Members.
If you are a current Artist Member and have a website that is not linked from this page please email OPAL and we will gladly add your link.

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